Longing for breath – No level project

About a year ago, Ochoa started NO LEVEL PROJECT with dancer and choreographer Manuel Badás (Inquiquinante Danza) with the aim of pursuing and understanding the multifaceted nature of the connection between music and dance. Throughout this time they have been researching from a variety of angles and perspectives, working to develop new ways and new paths, and journeying into the confluence of these two arts in order to create this new show.

As a result, Longing for breath, breaks the stereotypes surrounding the relationship between the dancer and the musician, the choreographer and the composer. Here the two are presented together on stage as equal counterparts: both are musicians, both are dancers, and both are artists. The intense chemistry between Badás and Ochoa on stage allows their original pursuit to evolve, becoming something much more profound and universal: the pursuit of our longings, our desires, our deepest frustrations…