With a huge success on its opening night at the 33rd edition of the Contemporary Music Festival of Majorca in 2012, this is the latest collaboration between Juan J. Ochoa and sound artist Urbez Capablo, inspired by the artists Spanish backgrounds and their love for the Mediterranean.

Mediterraneum is more than just a piano concert, it is a journey. The show brings together classical and modern composers from the four corners of the Mediterranean including Berio, Severac, Moultaka and Debussy. Departing from the traditional concert format, Ochoa and Capablo explore new ways of playing the piano beyond the keyboard and develop an evocative mise-en-scène through the use of light and sound.

The resulting performance is a captivating celebration of Mediterranean culture, transporting the audience from the nostalgic and passionate melodies of Lebanon or Italy all the way to the avant-garde and comical tunes of France and Spain.