Music for Buster Keaton

Commissioned and premiered in 2010 for the opening ceremony of the Picassent Film Festival (Spain) Music for Buster Keaton presented a unique opportunity to rediscover a great film classic as performed in the style of a bygone era. In this second collaboration with the pianist Laïla Barnat under the name of Jamelia Música en Escena, this musical-theatre show recreates the mood and the manner in which silent films were screened in years past: as part of a burlesque act and accompanied by live music.

The show toured numerous cities across Europe and was presented at international festivals like the MIM Festival (Spain) and the Wandsworth Arts Festival of London. In Music for Buster Keaton the humour and sensitivity of the black and white images is brought to life by a wide range of musical genres, including classical, jazz and popular, transporting the audience’s imagination back to the Roaring Twenties.