Based in Barcelona, Ochoa is one of the most acclaimed and cutting-edge performers of the prepared piano technique worldwide. The artist modifies the natural sound of the piano by placing and manipulating all kinds of objects inside (felt, blu-tak, screws, rubber bands, balls, coins, magnets, violin bows, chains, etc.), delivering a sound that is closer to strings or percussion. With this technique, Ochoa merges tradition with avant-garde and brings distant worlds much closer, such as classical and contemporary music, sound art and electronic music.

On his two first albums Longing for Breath (2018) and In Progress (2020), Ochoa introduced a sound signature of his own, with minimal melodic works for prepared piano, where an influence of percussive textures and analogic electronica could already be guessed.

In 2021, Ochoa develops Without Orpheus, his third studio album, where he delves deeper in a unique sound full of piano textures that are now combined with electronic music, offering songs with a great emotional charge, as well as other atmospheric and EDM emblematic tunes like Dark Room or Babylon Falls.