In Without Orpheus (2021), the artist takes a step forward in the evolution of his sound, and surprise us with new textures taken from his prepared piano, this time fusing them with electronics, at a crossroads between analogical and digital sound.In this new album we can glimpse references such as Johan Johansson or Nils Frahm, but there is also a melodic trance music that evokes the Faithless or the Orbital tunes from the 90s. Without Orpheus offers songs with a great emotional charge, which we could classify as melodic ambient, such as Eurydice (Sad Song) or the song Without Orpheus that gives the album its title. There are also atmospheric themes and claustrophobic textures, such as Prologue or The book of Dead that accompany us, with or without Orpheus, in a descent into hell, and EDM themes such as Dark Room or Babylon Falls, single released in March 2021 on YouTube, and where Ochoa’s piano opens the doors to an authentic techno and prepared piano rave.

As was the case in his previous albums, this third album provides a musical and emotional journey through different styles and soundscapes to which the prepared piano, in dialogue with electronics, prints a strong coherence. But perhaps the allegorical story is its key to transcendence: a new vision of the myth of Orpheus, in which Eurydice does not need to be saved, and where the underworld is a labyrinth of nightclubs and dark rooms where we can be ourselves again and lose focus. a freedom that is in danger in times of confinement and repression.